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Garden Plowing / Tilling 

Nothing is better than fresh vegetables, and for many of our customers, they just need a little help getting their garden site plowed and tilled for the season, and possibly tilled and sown with a cover crop in the Fall. Carolina Tractor and Excavation is proud to offer this service to our customers using one or more of our implements including 2-plow bottom plow, 9-Shank Scarifier,  Disc and 5’ rotavator.  Whether it is new ground, or tilling up last year’s garden site, Carolina Tractor and Excavation can get the job done quickly, so you can get to the business of planting your beautiful garden.


Gravel Driveway Maintenance and Repairs

Gravel driveways need maintenance on a regular basis.  Sometimes either because of lack of maintenance, or issues with the original grading, repairs are necessary.  Carolina Tractor and Excavation specializes in both the maintenance and repair of gravel driveways.  We offer a 30HP and a 50HP 4WD tractor with scrape blades and box scrapes to get the job done no matter the size.  Maintenance can include cleaning out ditches, or cutting new ditches if necessary, adding or freshening up the gravel, repairing potholes, changing the slope of the driveway for better drainage, and a variety of other maintenance and/or repair projects.  For larger projects, we sometimes use our 10,000 lb. excavator to re-grade,or install/repair culverts.  


Don’t put up with that muddy driveway one more day!  Let Carolina Tractor and Excavation give you that great driveway you deserve


Whether it is culvert replacement or new installation, Carolina Tractor and Excavation can provide worry-free service.  We can replace or install the new culvert, place new gravel over the affected area, and even seed and straw to reduce erosion while the new grass gets established.  Many repeating driveway repairs can be eliminated with well placed culverts to divert water under the driveway rather than letting it wash across the driveway taking valuable gravel with it and leaving deep ruts in its place.  Don’t drive over deep ditches caused by driveway washing one more day!  Let Carolina Tractor and Excavation take care of your issues once and for all.


Clearing / Chipping Mowing / Bush Hogging

The fields and pastures in our area are truly a treasure, and what draws many visitors to our area.  But nature requires constant maintenance of those fields and pastures, or they will grow rapidly to become filled with shrubs, briars…and sometimes kudzu vine.  Carolina Tractor and Excavation has the specialized equipment to keep those fields and pastures clean.  With our 30HP and 50HP 4WD tractors, each with rotary mowers, and our 42” brush cutter on our excavator, we can easily tackle any size job.  Don’t let your valuable land become an eyesore.  Let Carolina Tractor and Excavation keep your fields and pastures beautiful year round.

Lawn Care and Maitenance

Nothing makes a house a home like a beautiful lawn.  Whether it’s new construction or additions, Carolina Tractor and Excavation can provide full service lawn seeding and strawing.  Upon request, we can also quote hydroseeding and/or installation of sod.  And for those customers who prefer maintenance free lawns, we can provide mulching services.  Let Carolina Tractor and Excavation make your lawn a great place to spend with family and friends.


Septic Installation & Repair

Building or remodeling a home in the mountains often starts with an evaluation of whether the lot/land in question is capable of supporting a septic system. Often, our mountainous terrain dictates that installing a septic system requires thorough knowledge of the area, and special certifications. 


Carolina Tractor & Excavation holds a level four septic certification, and is certified to install all available types of septic systems including specialized drip systems. 


When it comes to tractor work and light excavation, Carolina Tractor and Excavation can tackle your job.  Whether it’s clearing an area for a backyard swing set, or widening a parking area, or installing gutter drain lines, Carolina Tractor and Excavation will show up when promised, finish on time, and provide fair pricing for quality work.

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