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Grading, Excavation & Lot Prep

Grading and excavation are fundamental to any construction or landscaping project.


At Carolina Tractor & Excavation, we specialize in providing expert grading and excavation services, ensuring a solid foundation for your ventures.

Our experienced team utilizes advanced equipment and proven techniques to accurately grade and excavate your project site. Whether it's site preparation, trenching, or land leveling,  or low-level clearing to assess a lot's buildability, we deliver results that meet and exceed industry standards.


Why Choose Carolina Tractor & Excavation?

Experience Matters 

With years of experience serving Asheville, NC, and Western North Carolina, we possess the expertise required for successful grading and excavation projects. Our team understands the intricacies of the local terrain, enabling us to provide tailored solutions.

Professional Team 

Our skilled and professional team is dedicated to providing exceptional land clearing, mowing, and bush hogging services. We prioritize safety and precision, ensuring every project is completed to the highest standards.

Diverse Machinery 

We utilize a variety of heavy equipment and modern machinery to deliver efficient land clearing, mowing, and bush hogging services. Our tools are designed to tackle projects of all sizes, providing reliable and effective results.

Customized Solutions 

Every property is unique, and we offer customized land clearing solutions to cater to your garden's specific requirements. We work closely with you to understand your goals and deliver services that align with your vision.

Let's make a plan for your property. 

Ready to transform your property into a well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing space? Contact Carolina Tractor & Excavation for expert land clearing, excavation, mowing, and bush hogging services in Asheville, NC, and Western North Carolina. Let us create a beautiful and functional landscape for you!

Reach out to us here or call us at 828-230-0365 to schedule your consultation. 

Lisa Haney

"They are the best! We were buying a new home and dealing with bad sellers, they went out of their way to come out short notice to give us inspections and quotes! They also did our driveway, gravel and fixed our culvert, it's absolutely beautiful and done right! The whole neighborhood has asked about it and who did it, they are calling Carolina Tractor too! Thanks again, so appreciated!"

Paul Franklin 

"I highly recommend Carolina Tractor and Excavation. They recently took down 300 feet of fencing, built a quality foundation for a new outbuilding and did an excellent job of both. He was great about letting us know his schedule, he stayed on quote, and since this was work that had to be done to settle a property line dispute, he was gracious, calm and professional with our neighbors as well, turning a difficult situation into a pleasant experience."

Doug P

"Carolina Tractor recently worked on our 1/4 mile of private road. They graded the road and cleaned out the ditches to improve water runoff and put down 6 truck loads of gravel. The road is very steep and was in poor condition. The ditches were very bad or non-existent and water runoff was eroding the road. We are very pleased with the finished work and the road is great now. I would use this company again and recommend them."

Where We Serve 

We proudly serve Asheville and the surrounding Western North Carolina Area. Our service areas include but aren't limited to: 

Asheville, Woodfin, Weaverville, Black Mountain, Marshall, Leicester, Alexander, Candler, and more. 

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